Alterations and Repairs Price List

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Price (£) *

TROUSERS Pass Up Back52.80
Shorten12.90Narrow Napels80.00
Reduce Waist16.80SKIRTS & DRESSES 
Let Out Waist18.80Shorten25.50
Supply & Fit Zip17.00Fit Zip (Plus Cost of Zip)20.00
Reline51.00Concealed (Plus Cost of Zip)30.80
Concealed Zip30.00Take In Side Seams31.00
Narrow26.00LONG COATS 
New Pocket34.00Shorten51.00
Cap Pocket15.00ANORAKS 
Patch Seat35.00Supply & Fit Zip (Incl Zip)27.00
Taper Through Crutch22.00Eyelets & Poppas (Each) 6.00
Let Out Crutch32.80RELINES - JACKETS 
Take In Side Seams30.00Body and Sleaves120.00
Lower Waistband46.40Pockets Extra 
Waistband Clips (Each)6.00RELINES - OVERCOATS 
Resew Heim (Each)8.00Body and Sleaves145.00
Light, White or Linen5.90Pockets Extra 
Remove Pleat32.00HOUSEHOLD - CURTAINS 
Fit Name Tapes (Each)0.3536" Wide28.00
SHIRTS 60" Wide 1 Meter39.00
Take In Side Seams23.002 Meters45.00
Make Short Sleaves13.00Hand Sewn Heim (Per Curtain)8.00
Shorten Sleeves21.00
Turn Collar27.00
Shorten Sleeves23.80
Take In Side Seams46.60
Shorten Length54.00
Pad Shoulders25.00
Fit Blazer Badge21.00
Plug Buttons7.80
Sew On Buttons2.20
Narrow Shoulders60.00
Lower Collar40.00

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